our lord of divine mercyEvery day our vision for the Mount of Divine Mercy comes closer to reality! This stunning location will one day be a place where Pilgrims from throughout California and the world will come for prayer, meditation, service and fellowship with others seeking inspiration and meaning. In 2016, we will be opening a recreation site and campground for our youth and pilgrims and building a life-size “Stations of the Cross” exhibit representing the Passion, Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ. Many other projects are planned  including a garden containing 33 Mercy Stations, based on sacred scriptures from Creation to the Second Coming of Christ and a Scriptural Rosary Pathway. Stay tuned for more developments coming soon!

The Divine Mercy message is a growing Catholic spirituality embraced by many throughout the Bay Area, the U.S. and across the world. With the state’s population approaching 40 million, it is appropriate that Californians have a dedicated place of pilgrimage; a place that will also appeal to and draw many tourists visiting the Bay Area.

In 2006, Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society signed a contract to purchase 100 acres of land. DMES christened the site The Mount of Divine Mercy. It is located on Sheridan Road in Alameda County, California, just off of Highway 680 at Sheridan Road exit in the rolling hills of the town of Sunol. The site is less than an hour from the major metropolitan areas of Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and surrounding communities. It is close to the city but offers a chance to escape the urban environment in just minutes. Its summit has a view of the Bay Area that affords visitors a going up to the mountain to meet God experience.

The unfolding story of the Mount of Divine Mercy is a mystery. It’s not easy for us to comprehend the inspiration of God, but the process has demonstrated God’s providence since its inception. Our faith has given us the courage to purchase the land in obedience to God’s inspiration. It’s now our hope that God will fulfill it according to His plan and His will. It is God who sows a holy desire in one’s heart and it is He who fulfills it. We totally trust in God’s providence, which is the essence of the Divine Mercy message — Jesus, I Trust in You.

With God’s grace and mercy we are inspired to proceed with this sacred project.