sunset on the mount of divine mercyThe Hebrew Scriptures tell us that in olden times, people built a princely dwelling to honor the Lord. This was a place where they could worship the Lord, pray in thanksgiving for their deliverance, and show their love for Him. In our Catholic faith, we have a long tradition of people hungering to go to the mountain to experience God and His mercy. In the early days of the Hebrew Scriptures, Moses met God on the mountain. In the Gospel days, Jesus went up to the mountain to pray at night. After the Resurrection, Jesus met His disciples on a mountain that He had designated.

And today, the Mount of Divine Mercy is a place where we can go to the mountain to experience God — where we can alleviate the tension created between God’s infinite promise of mercy and the world’s empty promises of fulfillment.

In today’s difficult times in our personal lives, in our country, and across our world, we need to raise up in prayer these needs to our Lord of Divine Mercy. Jesus asked St. Faustina to “bring souls to the fountain of My mercy, that they may draw strength and refreshment and whatever grace they have need of in the hardships of life and especially in the hour of death.” (Diary 1209)

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