Prayer After a Hard Day’s Work

God loves all His creations

Longing for God is a trial. Nothing is easy. The higher we climb into the mountain of our faith, the deeper the pain we have to travel. Sometimes our hearts would like to explode and our minds keep wondering what would be the next things to happen.

Our Lord wants us to wonder to see if we are capable of His everlasting gift of eternal life. Our life is full of mystery but very exciting. We have many kinds of feelings, which have to be purified in order to transform our broken being to be whole again and be a perfect image of our God.

Our brokenness can only be rebuilt and restored by a powerful touch of God’s love. Oh, how miserable we are without the presence of God. We are creatures, who can not do anything because of lack in grace and power. It is a total mercy of God that we need. O Lord, let your mercy envelops our minds, hearts, and souls. Lord, makes us one with you and don’t leave us no more.

Work, work, work, how long do we have to work. How long could we be free and just contemplate with the loving gaze of our Lord. Free us Lord from this misery of life. Bring us to the paradise inside our hearts and just be with you. Shower us the fragrance of your power and beauty. Allow us to taste the grandeur of your mercy.

O sweet is the longing with just a drop of the taste of God’s love. O sweet is the suffering with just a brief moment of your presence. Lillies in the hills and valleys are rejoicing, all the birds are singing, all the fish are dancing, all the leaves of the trees are waving, and all the animals are jumping for joy because they are free, no worries and no anxieties.

O poor and slave people of the world. What are you doing? When are you going to open your eyes and minds to see and experience God’s love for mankind.

Wo! to you wars, famine, sickness, addictions, greed, and pride. When will you leave people alone? Misery, misery, and destruction that you bring to people of the world.

Come Peace, Joy, and Love of God, come. We are broken, slave, and wounded from sins and have no power to overcome them. Oh! Lord, get us out from these miseries and raise us up high to step in to your throne in our hearts. Brighten our life as clear as a light of day. Give us Joy, give us Peace, and give us Love to walk totally in the path of holiness.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, your name! We bless you our King of the universe. Shine Your Face on your poor creatures, so people can see you through us. Let the desire you have planted in our hearts be revealed to mankind for the greater glory of Your Name for ever and ever, Amen.

Your loving and poor creature created and molded in hardships and trials, Thelma Orias, July 28, 2006