Prayer of Longing for God

My soul is longing for you, my Lord.

Where are you hiding, my Lord?

I feel your love and presence in my heart,
but I don’t see you.

Let me see you and allow me to meet you
in your hiding place so we can talk
and I can hear your voice.

You have full knowledge of my being,
but I don’t know your full power and beauty.

Please reveal yourself to me.

I will wait, my Lord, with deep longing.

You have touched my heart with your
love that draws me to you.

You have taught me to love
when I didn’t know how to love.

Now that I learn to love,
I reach out to many souls so they will
know that you love them.

My Lord and my love, this is just a beginning
of your presence in my life.

I ask for your mercy to bring me to that
full union with your Holy Spirit
so we become one.

My soul cannot do anything
without your mercy and love.

Come, come, come my Lord and
live in my wounded soul.

Heal my soul so I can live with complete joy
living with your love alone.

I will now end this meeting until
your visit again in my soul.

Be merciful to me, O Lord.

Be merciful to me. I am a sinner.

–Love All Around You–

Thelma Orias