About the Mount

The Mount of Divine Mercy is the manifestation of our vision for this organization. We have the land. We have the spirit. We have the believers. And now, we are turning our vision, our inspiration, into reality. Over the next several years we will be adding mission-centric features to this site that will serve as a tribute to our faith and an invitation to pilgrims from around the world.

We also plan to further improve the quality of this site so that it may be utilized by a broader array of youth organizations, disadvantaged young people in Alameda County, and other religious/ prayer group organizations.

Stations of the Cross

lifesizestation-01The Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem (though not called by that name before the sixteenth century) was reverently marked out from the earliest times and has been the goal of pious pilgrims ever since the days of Constantine. Tradition asserts that the Blessed Virgin Mary used to visit daily the scenes of Christ’s Passion, and St. Jerome speaks of the crowds of pilgrims from all countries who used to visit the holy places in his day.

Our plan is in place for the Mount of Divine Mercy to provide a peaceful biblical atmosphere, where all are welcome, to help the faithful to make in spirit, as it were, a pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ’s sufferings and death.   We will reproduce the scenes in the Passion of Christ in order to satisfy the devotion of those who cannot make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

We built the small-size 14 stations of the cross named “Holy Stations of the Cross Garden”. holystations-01 Although it is not fully landscaped and developed, now these stations serve as one of our meditation garden. Once we build our future plan of the life-size stations of the cross, this Holy Stations of the Cross Garden will provide devotees who are unable to maneuver their way through the hillside terrain of the Life-Size Stations of the Cross a chance to visit a smaller, replicated version in a relative flat and easy-to-navigate setting. These Stations were inspired by a sincere and humble wish of a dying Divine Mercy devotee to build a visible reminder to all the faithful to pray for our young people. It is in his memory that we dedicate the garden that houses the Stations to all young people everywhere and in all generations to come.   The proposed Stations will be adjacent to the proposed Divine Mercy Chapel and Retreat Center.

Multi-Purpose Youth Fields and Campground

Our current phase of development includes improving the site’s infrastructure stations-05
to benefit the many youth and adult groups in the greater bay area. To that end we have identified the following objectives:

(1) Complete two multi-purpose recreation/ multipurpose athletic fields for the youth. This will enable us to engage disadvantaged youth throughout Alameda County, facilitating the participation of 500+ children per year in outdoor recreation and camping activities and making a positive impact in their lives.
(2) Establish a 1000-person event area and campground for use by pilgrims, community, and youth groups. Building a campground will allow us: to bring more people from the community to connect directly with the land; support our spiritual objectives relating to the teaching and sharing the Divine Mercy message and in turn increase our faithful devotees; and expand our social service offerings to community.

33 Mercy Stations

The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: teach me thy justifications.
Psalm 11
8: 64 (Douay-Rheims)


Among all the perfections of God, Our Lord singles out Mercy, bidding us to imitate it, and also learn what it is, for one cannot imitate what one does not know…. In every Book of the Old and New Testaments, the Mercy of God is mentioned repeatedly, but most often, and most eloquently, in the Book of Psalms. In the total number of 150 Psalms there are 55 Psalms especially praising this divine perfection, and in Psalm 135 each verse repeats as its refrain, “for him mercy endureth for ever….” God wants to teach us something of His inner life, His relation to created things, and especially people. God desires to be praised by us in His Mercy, that we may imitate Him in our acts (pages 8- 11).  — Father Michael Sopocko

These 33 Mercy Stations will literally and graphically walk us through our salvation history to show us God’s unfailing covenant of love and mercy to man.   These Mercy Stations will be similar to the Stations of the Cross in that their designs and artistic approaches shall blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the Mount’s hillsides with meditation benches.  The reflections that will be presented in these grottoes come from The Mercy of God in His Works (translated from the original Polish) published by Marian Apostolate, The Marian Fathers from Stockbridge MA, in 1962.

Rosary Pathway


Complementing the Blessed Mother’s Grotto are the Amphitheater and a Scriptural Rosary Pathway lined by trees and rose bushes, each grouping representing a ―Hail Mary‖ and ―Our Father‖ in the Mysteries of the Rosary prayer. The use of the trees, plants, and flowers connects the prayers and their spiritual significance to the beauty and majesty of the natural surroundings and skyline of the Mount of Divine Mercy.

Garden of Gethsemane

The Mount of Divine Mercy is creating a meditation scene of the Garden of Gethsemane known as the Mount of Olives, a place where Jesus Christ suffered the Agony and was taken prisoner.  Olive trees will be planted to create the groundwork for the Garden of Gethsemane. At the same time, it will become an olive orchard to produce olives for sacramental oils. How’s this for a view — from our future orchards?!