Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Peace and Joy of Our Lord, Jesus of Mercy,

Mother Mary, and St. Joseph be upon us!

Oh! Lord, how beautiful is your creation!!

Your Wisdom is beyond our understanding,

Your Mercy is immeasurable,

Your love is everlasting.

Lord! You deserve the praises and thanksgiving from your creation.

On this Day of Thanksgiving,

We all join together, with the company of your saints in heaven and the human race,

to praise and thank you for opening the gate of heaven, for creating us, for providing us our needs, guiding us, and most of all living within us.

Free us Lord from this misery of life.  Bring us to the paradise inside our hearts, so we can contemplate You with a loving gaze.

O! sweet is the longing with just a drop of the taste of Your love,

O sweet is the suffering with just a brief moment of Your presence.

Lillies in the hills and valleys are smiling,

All the birds are singing,

All the fish are dancing,

All the leaves of the trees are waving,

All the animals are jumping,

All the stars are twinkling,

The moon and the sun are pulsating with joy,

They are all rejoicing because they are free, no worries and no anxieties.

O poor and slave people of the world,

What are we doing?

When can we be free from the world?

Oh! Lord, brighten our life as clear as a light of day!

Raise us up to step in to your throne in our hearts!

Give us joy, give us peace, give us love, so we can walk in Your path of holiness,

Let the desire that You have planted in our hearts be revealed to mankind for the glory of Your Name for ever and ever.  Amen.

Thelma Orias, November 23, 2010