The Tender Whisper of Our Lord’s Loving and Generous Heart

My lips have wisdom to utter, my heart good sense to whisper — Psalm 49,3.

Our Lord is an omnipotent God, who is love.  The Fire of God’s love radiates in the soul, who then experiences and feels the transforming power of His sanctifying love.  The love I am talking here is not the lower level of love, which is human love, but a higher form of love, which is divine, continuously flowing from the Trinity living in a soul.  This experience of divine love infused or poured out by God into the heart is the grace that purifies the heart, mind, and soul that leads the soul to the road of perfection.  It is only God’s working in the soul that makes the soul perfect through its cooperation.

This outpouring love from the Trinity that is experienced and is felt by the soul is the healing grace that removes our sinful feelings such as anger, envy, jealousy, fear, etc., and other imperfections and unpleasant emotions such as embarrassment.  If the soul is frequently experiencing the touch of God’s outpouring love, the heart then is transformed in divine love and knows only the feeling of this love since love is the dominant feeling in the heart.  And the mind only thinks about this love since love is the only feeling that the heart feels and is transmitted to the mind.  This love that the soul feels and experiences can not be contained in the heart but radiates to other souls through words, prayers, and deeds.  This continuous process of loving transformation is a powerful gift from our generous God that leads the soul to union with Him.

We can not just make our hearts feel on our own this divine love without the work of God.   God loves us first.

Thelma Orias, December 1, 2003