Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the DMES is to put into practice the message of “Divine Mercy” by living out the command of Our Lord, and by sharing the message to others by our words, through our prayers, and by our actions: working together with challenged youth and families to help them strengthen and improve their qualities of life; to promote self-reliance, and economic independence in our community.

Our founding principle is that the Divine Mercy message must not simply be studied, respected and adhered to, but put into action. This principle has manifested in numerous ways over the years. Beyond our core initiatives to assist others deepen their sacramental lives through Blessed Sacrament Adoration and evangelization; we help improve the lives of disadvantaged and marginalized populations in Alameda County.

For example, from 2002-2013 DMES operated Mary’s House of Mercy, a home for homeless, single, pregnant women in crisis who chose life for their unborn and who had nowhere else to turn. During this period we provided a safe haven for 250 women and their newborns to live, while providing wrap-around services with the aid of a social worker. Every mother and baby reunited with their families and/ or transitioned to a new home after completing their 9 months to one year program in our facility.

mountaintop view of bay

Our commitment to the concept of Divine Mercy is a response to the call of Blessed Pope John Paul II’s June 1997 message:

The Church must consider it one of her principal duties at every stage of history and especially in our modern age to proclaim and to introduce into life the mystery of God’s mercy, supremely revealed in Jesus Christ. This mystery is the source of a life different from life which can be built by man. I ask you: accept this responsibility! The people of today need your proclamation of Mercy: they need your works of mercy and they need your prayers to obtain mercy. Do not neglect any of these dimensions of the apostolate. (JPII Krakow-Lagiewniki June 1997)

Our Vision

The Mount of Divine Mercy is an inspired vision of Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society (DMES), and we are establishing this site a living witness to God’s divine providence. We are in the process of transforming The Mount into a retreat and recreation where all who come will experience and share Our Lord’s presence, peace, and joy.The Mount of Divine Mercy helps provide an atmosphere that welcomes and inspires all to learn from Jesus Christ’s life and teachings and reflect on their own faith as well as those who are simply searching to fill a void in their hearts and souls. It is a sign of our gratitude to Our Lord so that all the peoples of the earth may humbly acknowledge His name, revere Him, and know that this place bears His name as the Merciful Savior and for Our Lord to heal our world.   The Mount of Divine Mercy, working through God’s grace, welcomes all and hopes to help everyone especially the youth to have a life changing experience, be transformed, and be active participants to ignite the sparks of hope and have a spiritual impact on our culture.

natural grottoThis photo is the Blessed Mother’s Natural Grotto; a natural formations of rocks which already existed in the Sunol property when it was first purchased by the Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society.  The formations were never altered as the DMES decided to use this area for the Blessed Mother’s Grotto.