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We invite you to participate in our noble and humble gestures of love for the Lord and His people through your generous financial support. You may choose a one-time donation or recurring pledge of any amount by which to support the Mount of Divine Mercy.

Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society purchased the Sunol property known as Mount of Divine Mercy in 2006. This was not an action of spontaneity! The purchase was the culmination of a 10-year effort on the part of our devotees and volunteers to raise funds and craft a vision for the site. Since 2006 we have undertaken a steady and deliberate process to maintain the property and develop Mount of Divine Mercy which has included monthly planning and meetings with our stakeholders.

1. Establish a place for prayer in a peaceful, serene area in a rehabilitated structure on the property.
2. Build a spiritual garden area for meditation and prayerful setting.
3. Develop a detailed landscape-architectural site plan.
4. Build the temporary parking and widening the roadway to have a safe pathway to the Contemplative Prayer House.
5. Preparation of the land as a precursor to construction of recreation, youth sports fields and campground.
6. Research and preparation for relevant building permits from the county.

You may click here to print and mail a paper donation form to Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society or make your donation or pledge using your credit card, or debit card, or bank account via the secured online form below.

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